II-V-I Patterns

I have updated the II-V-I patterns yet again. I consolidated some of the other patterns I had (like the Ray Brown ones). There are now 286 pages (or 286 4 bar patterns) to enjoy. Also gone is the Jazz Font in favor of a more clean, professional look using Bill Duncan’s Fonts for Finale.

These patterns were designed to be used with Aebersold Vol. 3, Track 2. Also included is a 24 page reference of the patterns.

If you want some more patterns, I highly recommend Jerry Bergonzi’s Inside Improvisation Vol. 5. There are some really great patterns in there. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “II-V-I Patterns”

  1. Cool, thanks.

    If you have problem with downloading:
    1. Ensure you are logged in (you should see your username/picture in the upright corner)
    2. If nothing happens when you click the link (happened for me with FF4, not sure why) – right click and choose ‘Save target as’, and replace file extension with .pdf

  2. So, these files are all blank for me. Just 287 blank pages. So to see these I have to buy some guys font?

    I downloaded the Bb version from JazzSax and it is also blank.

    Mac OS, 10.4, using Preview to look at the files.

    1. No, you probably need to not use Preview. The fonts are embedded. Try using Acrobat, or downloading the file to finder and then use Preview to open it. 10.4 was not very good at rendering PDFs.

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