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Ted Neff

This is a sad story. Original article here.
A Vallejo man was arraigned in Martinez on Wednesday on charges that he murdered a man in his home in Bay Point, stole property, including a custom-made gold-plated flute, and then set the man’s house on fire, prosecutor Harold Jewett said Wednesday.

Alejandro Rivera, a 23-year-old male escort, met the victim, 66-year-old Theodore Neff, on Craigslist and had a sexual relationship with him, Jewett said.

The two men got into an argument on Dec. 3, during which Rivera allegedly strangled Neff.

At some point after the murder, Rivera allegedly went back into Neff’s home at 542 Bustos Place in unincorporated Bay Point, stole property and allegedly set the house on fire, Jewett said.

They have caught the guy, and charged him with murder, arson and burglary. The whole story is messed up.