April 18, 2024

Kanga asked “I recently picked up my flute again after many years to introduce my kids to music theory. I have in the past only played classical pieces and was interested in Jazz. Thank you for such a great site! I have been getting my lips and fingers working together again with your exercises and patterns. Do you have any recommendations for a few good Jazz Flute CD’s that I can listen to?”

Yeah, there are a lot. I’d start with finding stuff from Jim Walker and Freeflight. Then, you could look into Nestor Torres, Robert Dick, Hubert Laws and others.

1 thought on “Any recommendations for Jazz Flute CD’s?

  1. U can find Cd’s from Dave Valentin, Rashaan Roland Kirk ( also plays sax but uses a lot the singing with flute technic, Steve Kujala, Joe Farell ( both with Chick Corea, Voyage with Steve is wonderful), Magic Malik ( for those who don’t know U have to listen to him, very particular and modern french flutist, such also the albums from him with the Julien Lourau Groove gang! that’s great and also 64 path with steve Coleman), Ali Ryerson, James Moody, Jeremy Steig,Orlando Valle “Maraca” (salsa, incredible speed!!!), Bobby Jaspar, Herbie Mann and many others. Go and see http://www.jazzflute.ch/ to have a complete discography, but that’s in french, I hope U understand. Wish U lot of music with Your Flute. Zulflute

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