July 24, 2024

I did not know that former Fox News person, and former White House spokesperson was a flute play. You go Tony!

3 thoughts on “Tony Snow – Jazz Flutist

  1. I was never a fan of Mr. Snow in his official duties, but I have to admit that he sounds pretty good in this clip! I never would have guessed that he played jazz flute.

  2. As a former flautist myself, he is fantastic!! I heard he taught himself how to play which is even more phenonmenal. Isn’t it a shame that we find out out so many wonderful things about people AFTER they’re gone. My the good Lord be with his Soul and his family.

  3. I never knew Tony Snow played flute. I know he was a wonderful human being and now that he’s gone I truly find that very sad. God Bless you Tony, wherever you are!…

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