July 24, 2024

So, I get asked this question a lot from students or other musicians. If you had say, $1000 to spend on a Flute, what would you get? Or if you had $2000? Or $4000? or $5000?

Me, I’d get a used flute. A Haynes perhaps, or a Powell. I lucked out on getting a used Closed hole Haynes from $700 about 8 years ago. A repad job later it plays great.

4 thoughts on “What Flute Would You Buy?

  1. Used flutes used to do the trick. The idea of a $80 re pad is over. Haynes wants $1200 to re pad mine. Don’t do it. Re pads are now int eh $300 range. The answer is to buy aa new flute. The whole point of a playable flute is to have the pads cover perfectly. I played an Armstrong silver head for 15 years before I wore it out. There are some repairs that can.t be made. By the time I got my Haynes it was a real trteat. Even if you get a Powell or Haynes you will still put in your 2 hours a day on a PRACTICE FLUTE Re Cheep and new. After a few years sell it and get a new one. It is sadly cheaper than getting an expensive overhaul. Sounds crazy. You want to see crazy, check out the price of a new handmade b foot Haynes. I bought mine in 1972 for $1700.. Todays prices are a joke. Just stay with a silver head and do about 10 years on your sound. Watch your vibrato. It is what makes us individuals and recognizable. Galway and Rampal easy. By the way I played Galways gold flute at Haynes. The sound is so clear as to be unreal. You can’t believe how heavy it is. You got to hit the weight room to hold this thing up for a half hour or so. Practice your tone, that is where the money is. And that is a fact.

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