April 18, 2024

Barry Wood has updated his NAMM Oddities page from this year’s NAMM show. NAMM is a trade show that happens around the beginning of the year for music related items.

Some flute related items are here:

I’ll skip over the Polycarbonate crap and skip to what I thought was interesting, the gFlute. The gFlute seems to be made out of Grenaditte, which sounds like sorta the stuff they make the Greenline Buffet clarinets out of. Basically, sounds like it is some sort of wood and epoxy composite. Not to say that is a bad thing at all. A quick Google search of Grenaditte seems to result in rather positive reviews of the flutes. And they are priced fairly well compared to “real wood”, coming in at about $2K.

Maybe one day when I have money I’ll try a headjoint from them….

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