May 25, 2024

Greg Patillo has some excellent youtube videos of him beatboxing and playing flute.

Inspector Gadget

Super Mario Brothers!

Excellent stuff. He has a Myspace page (I hate myspace). Check him out!

If you want to learn more about beatboxing, check out Humanbeatbox. They have some videos and tutorials there. I found the site very enjoyable, especially some of the demos. The guy has this English/Australian accent that just cracks me up. (L as in Lollipop).

But seriously, beatboxing and flute is a very cool thing. Coolest thing I’ve heard since Tom Scott’s flute solo on Patrick Williams tune Threshold.

1 thought on “Beatboxing On Flute

  1. hey!
    Yes you’re right, beatboxing on flute is a very cool thing. I’d really like to learn it, and I’ve checked the link you put in your message, the humanbeatbox. Unfortunately I can’t find beatboxing on flute anywhere and I’m wondering if anyone maybe knows a place on the internet where you can learn how to beatbox on the flute?

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