May 25, 2024

James Galway recently did a video where he played 16 of his flutes. He took out the color so there was no cheating as to what material the flute being played was made out of. I thought they all sounded great.

Here are the details of which flute was which.

  1. Lois Lot silver 10032
  2. Muramatsu silver EX 53320. / Muramatsu Pads
  3. A.K. Cooper 164 silver with a Haynes Head / Pads unknown
  4. Muramatsu all silver 14657 / Muramatsu Pads
  5. Muramatsu Platinum 44755 / C# trill Muramatsu Pads
  6. J.Brogger. 18k gold 555 with a Nagahara head. c# trill key and Straubinger Pads
  7. Muramatsu 18k gold 61700 / C# trill Muramatsu Pads
  8. A. K. Cooper 14k gold 188 (Berlin Phil flute) Left hand low C# key Pads Unknown
  9. Emanuel 18k gold 150 C# Trill key Pads unknown
  10. A.K.Cooper. 14k gold 197 Straubinger Pads
  11. Kanichi Nagahara 20k gold 550 C# Platinum riser
  12. Muramatsu 9k gold 64200 / C# trill Muramatsu Pads
  13. Muramatsu 14k 38220 Muramatsu Pads
  14. Kanichi Nagahara 18k gold 518 C# Trill key and Platinum riser
  15. Muramatsu 24k gold 60100 / C# trill key Muramatsu Pads
  16. Muramatsu 24k gold 55555 / Switchable split E and Muramatsu pads.

I’m curious as to why Sir James does not have a Powell nor a Haynes in his collection? Or even a Yamaha?

4 thoughts on “James Galway 16 Flute Video

  1. Sir James Galway is the greatest! His tenacity shows what one can do to be successful through hard work and persistence. Sure, there are many great flutists in the world, but James Galway is the King, and in my humble opinion, the greatest flutist of all time! Thank you James for all your inspiration!

    Danny Arnette
    Daniel Tull band

  2. 16.Muramatsu 24k gold 55555, and 3.A.K. Cooper 164 silver with a Haynes Head / Pads unknown are my picks. The altissimo range on the Cooper stands out, but the harmonics of the lower range of the Muramatsu ring true in beginning of the piece. Just as they say, practice makes permenant, thus with long tones and a Muramatsu give you the best of both worlds. Guess you know which one I like the most?

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